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Why Rowing without live data from your C2 – is like rowing blind?

by The WODProof Team

Like any other workout, tracking your Concept2 rowing sessions is extremely important if you want to see the progress you are able to make over time.   

Luckily,  the WODProof app can now connect to certain C2 devices so they make this easy for you.  

What you track while you row ?

The live data provides you with your pace for 500m, stroke rate, total distance, heart rate, and calories per hour.

All of these are important pieces to helping you have an effective rowing session or rowing part of your CrossFit®️ session, and how your rowing affected your overall performance in your workout.  

Without having access to live data, there’s no way to measure your progress and see where you can make improvements in your performance.  If you’re not rowing with data, there’s no clear starting point, so you can’t get a good perspective on the progress you made. 

Having these stats, in addition to your WODProof recording, can help you enhance your form,   and ensure the most efficient workout without wasting any time or energy during transitions.  You can record and review your session right after, or even share it with your coach that can now see your pace while watching you rowing from a side view that is optimal to analyze how your rowing form affects your performance.

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