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How to maximize your time at the gym

by The WODProof Team

The time we put aside for ourselves each day shouldn’t be wasted on spending hours at the gym.  The more time spent at the gym, doesn’t necessarily equate to a better, more efficient workout.  When you are able to find ways to maximize your workout, you can make the most of any time you have dedicated towards the gym.  

Have a game plan.  

Coming in with a game plan is an extremely important strategy when looking to maximize your time.  Wandering around trying to figure out what workout to do next is a massive time waster, and can be easily avoided if you plan a workout schedule in advance.

Keep track of time.  

An intended 10 second rest can easily turn into a minute rest if you’re not properly monitoring your time.  Having your smartphone timer near or using a WODProof band can help keep you on the correct pace and prevent you from taking up more time than you planned.  

Try new things.

If your workout is boring, you’re more likely to get distracted and waste time, so make sure you aren’t constantly repeating the same workouts.  Switching up your workouts can make your gym time more fun and enjoyable.  The WODProof app has tons of workout inspiration and challenges by other community members to get involved in. 

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