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Why video recording your workouts keeps you honest and accountable?

by The WODProof Team

Having grueling workout sessions each day – and sometimes even multiple times a day –  can get exhausting and boring.  You may get tired of working so hard every day and you may want to breeze through a workout and not feel so challenged.  

It’s extremely important to hold yourself to a high standard while working out and oftentimes people forget the real purpose of why we workout; to become stronger and healthier.  Skipping repetitions or just going through the motions of an exercise won’t lead you to the place you hope to get to one day.  

Recording your workouts helps you make sure you aren’t cutting corners during your workout and keeps you honest with yourself.  Recording yourself makes you motivated to not be anything but your best, and by keeping track of each round and rep with you, it holds you accountable to completing a full workout.  

Don’t do yourself a disservice by cheating. Record yourself and be aware to every single movement you do or don’t do – remember: NO PROOF, NO GLORY.

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