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Introducing Bionic Rowing

by The WODProof Team

We are excited to share with you some big news. 

In 2021 WODProof was acquired by Sency, a computer vision-based tech company. This connection fuelled the WODProof community with unprecedented technology abilities, starting with the Bionic Mobility experience


The Bionic Mobility experience enables athletes to test their whole-body muscle mobility with a cutting-edge real-time experience. Using our computer-vision technology, our community members can improve their range of motion with personalized and accurate mobility plans.



Today, we’re happy to announce that Sency and WODProof have added our computer-vision technology to the indoor rowing community to help rowers master their rowing technique with precise real-time AI coaching that has yet to be developed.


It sounds complicated to start using it, right? The truth is, all you need besides an indoor rowing machine is your phone, its camera, the WODProof app, and preferably a pair of wireless headphones. 



The experience is unique, futuristic, and quite unreal. The feedback is based on common technique mistakes aggregated by the world’s top coaches. So check it out today and get real-time AI feedback based on your motion.



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How it’s all started?

The WODProof community started as an application for CrossFit® athletes to help record their CrossFit® Open or online qualifiers workouts. These athletes work daily to improve their performance and achieve their fitness goals. Rowing is an essential part of every CrossFit®/functional fitness competition (virtual or live), and most athletes perceive it as the ‘aerobic devil’ of any workout. That fear of rowing at a pace that prevents us from continuing to the next part of a workout is a mutual fear for all athletes.


 Workouts such as the CrossFit® Open 19.1 can dramatically influence the leaderboard based on athletes’ rowing capabilities. This goes without saying when walking down memory lane to the 2018 CrossFit® Games marathon row.


Anna Mühle, a certified Concept2 coach and a multiple indoor rowing WR holder, believes that CrossFit® athletes still have a way to go regarding understanding the importance of proper technique. Rowing correctly has shown to use less energy, increase athletes’ rowing pace and help achieve better performance. In addition, rowing can become the active recovery part of any functional workout.



WODProof set a goal to help athletes improve their overall performance and rowing efficiency and designed the Bionic AI Rowing coach with Anna. This real-time experience allows athletes to identify their rowing technique mistakes and maximize their true physical potential

So how does the magic work?


WODProof Bionic Rowing recognizes and tracks each athlete’s body joints and compares every position with a “GOLD STANDARD” rowing technique created together with Anna Mühle. After choosing a rowing technique level, the compute-vision technology provides each athlete precise real-time voice feedback, and visual feedback in a session recording after completing it.

After completing a rowing test and receiving accurate feedback on technique, athletes can start any of the WODProof rowing programs or enjoy technique focus sessions daily. Each of these sessions is followed by a summary highlighting the athletes’ common mistakes. There are also tutorial videos recorded by Anna, explaining more about the common mistakes and how to best work on them.

Our technology now provides athletes an unprecedented experience, allowing them to fully emerge into rowing technique sessions without waiting for post-rowing analyses and reviewing. This will also enable CrossFitters to shift from simple half-hour active-recovery rowing sessions to 30 minutes of pure technique work.


What’s next for WODProof?

Sency’s Bionic algorithms made WODProof the most unique and powerful training toolbox. WODProof helps athletes track, record, and time workouts, test & improve their mobility, access over 15 training programs, and, starting today, improve their rowing technique with a real-time computer-vision experience. This has been the WODProof’s team athletes’ and community’s secret weapon for years. Now, it allows WODProof to expand to a huge new audience – the indoor rowing community, and help millions of people worldwide master their rowing technique. 


Whether you’ve just bought an indoor rowing machine and started rowing for the first time or trying to perfect your expert-level rowing technique – There’s a new way to optimize your rowing. The need to share videos on rowing communities and wait for “crowd wisdom” to assist with their tips is no longer necessary. Instead, simply get on your rower with WODProof Bionic, and start rowing.


The WODProof & Sency team has already started working on the next Bionic experience, and we guarantee to keep surprising our community and those who will join it.


* Bionic Rowing and Mobility are currently available to iOS users.


Bionic Frequently Asked Questions

Bionic will automatically recommend re-testing your motion range after 30 days, ensuring you have time to work on your mobility and see your progress. The new test recommendation will appear as a notification on your WODProof profile page.

Our team at WODProof is hard at work to add Bionic for our Android users as soon as possible, and this will become available over the next few months. Stay tuned!



We can’t see or store your mobility test’s photos or videos.

In addition, your mobility test screenshots created by Bionic are only saved locally on your device for your convenience. 


Please remember that when deleting your WODProof app, these photos are deleted as well and cannot be recovered.

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