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Introducing Bionic

by The WODProof Team

Hey everyone, Adam here, WODProof’s founder & CEO.   

We are excited to share with you some big news. 

WODProof was recently acquired by Sency, a computer vision-based tech company, whose main mission is to improve human lives by tracking, analyzing and improving their movement in real time.

This enables us to do magic, and by magic we mean that from today, with WODProof’s AI based Bionic feature, you can test and improve your mobility by an experience you haven’t seen before. 

Thanks to Sency’s technology, WODProof redefines the definition of personalized mobility plan.



Get a real-time feedback, and unlock your potential with WODProof Bionic.

The only thing you need is your phone’s camera and the WODProof app.

Once you start your WODProof Bionic experience, we’ll test your mobility in 7 different tests, to provide you with the most accurate measurement that exists on the planet. 

WODProof Bionic doesn’t assume, or estimate. Every angle matters.

After completing the test, you will get a personalized plan that will help you get ready, perform and recover better than ever before.

WODProof Bionic will measure your progress every 30 days, and re-design the most accurate daily program you need, while showing you how you improved over time.

This is by far one of the most exciting fitness technology breakthroughs of recent years, and we’re excited for the privilege to develop everything in-house, without any need to rely on an external service or api.


Whether you’re a beginner or a pro athlete, WODProof Bionic sees so deep, so you can unlock your potential for real, and reach new heights, in the most affordable and accessible way you couldn’t even dream of before. The only thing you need is your WODProof, and you can change your goal from being a great athlete, to becoming Bionic.

reduce injuries and improve your overall performance in a personalized way according to your needs by using our smart algorithms and real time data analysis.


And now, how does it work?

WODProof adopted Sency’s methodology of “SEE – KNOW – GUIDE”.

WODProof Bionic can now recognize & track each of your body’s joints, and compare every position with a “GOLD STANDARD” – The optimal way to perform this movement or position.

WODProof Bionic Gold Standard is Thuri Helgadottir, WODProof team athlete, and a dominant CrossFit Games competitor whose mobility and technique are her superpowers. WODProof Bionic compares your performance in the test to Thuri’s performance, in REAL TIME, and provides you with a precisely calculated score per each muscle, from your shoulders, to your ankles.

The score you get is calculated in a deep way, according to different aspects, from your maximal (peaked) range of motion in the test, to how long and stable you could hold in that position, and the quality of your form.


For example, if athletes A and B will perform the PVC Pectoralis test holding the same grip width, and athlete A will be bending the elbows while rotating the stick back, Athlete A pectoralis mobility score will be affected, and in fact, will be lower than athlete B who will rotate the stick with arms fully locked (closer to the Gold Standard demonstrated by Thuri).


Let this sink in for a moment… yes, during a movement that takes 1 second, rotating the PVC stick back, WODProof Bionic can see and measure not only your ability to perform the movement in a specific grip width, but the quality of your rotation, which has been impacted by your muscle range of motion.

WODProof Bionic robust algorithm allows us to be laser focused in each test, measure dozens of key-points, and make all motion metrics accountable while calculating the athletes’ specific muscle mobility score.

The 3D Personalized mobility plan:

Once you get your overall mobility score WODProof Bionic creates your mobility daily sessions in 3 dimensions:

1st dimension: Overall mobility score: 

Bionic calculates your mobility score according to a combination of the 8 tests that you perform, and how each muscle (big or small) impacts your overall mobility and ability to perform well as an athlete, then separates your muscles into upper body and lower body muscles. This makes sure that no matter how much time you have to work on your mobility in a certain day, you will always work on both, upper and lower body and keep your body balanced.

This will be the first parameter to set your base plan.


2nd dimension: Priorities by score:

WODProof Bionic sorts your mobility scores for each muscle, in each group (upper and lower body), from your highest to the lowest score compared to the golden sample standards, and the impacts on your ability to perform optimally. 

This will be the second parameter to make sure you always work on your weakest points, the muscles that limit you now, and will have the most significant impact on your ability to perform better. 


3rd dimension: Mobility level per muscle:

There are movements and stretches that WODProof Bionic will show each athlete depending on their mobility scores, to prevent cases where athletes that have some movement limitations, will not get a recommendation to perform a stretch that is for advanced level athletes.

On the other end, to make sure that more advanced athletes will be able to perform more advanced stretches (active and passive) to improve their existing good mobility score, and maximize it.

The most accurate and deep test that exists:

The robust algorithms that Sency provides WODProof with, allow you to get 7 different tests, that each one of them is testing your range of motion for you in the most accurate and deep way that we ever saw. WODProof Bionic doesn’t ask you to estimate your mobility, but it lets you focus on performing the tests correctly, and does the calculations accurately for you.

Are you excited to test your mobility and unlock your REAL potential?

GO Bionic.


Bionic Frequently Asked Questions

Bionic will automatically recommend re-testing your motion range after 30 days, ensuring you have time to work on your mobility and see your progress. The new test recommendation will appear as a notification on your WODProof profile page.

Our team at WODProof is hard at work to add Bionic for our Android users as soon as possible, and this will become available over the next few months. Stay tuned!

Yes! You can select from a wide range of “available equipment” options and help Bionic select the optimal exercises for you to perform.


There are dozens of stretches and mobility exercises that you can perform with no equipment at all.

Bionic considers several factors when providing mobility scores. The results can vary based on body position, stability during the exercise, and consistency of your movement.


We also elaborate on this above, under the ‘How We Do It’ section. 🙂



We can’t see or store your mobility test’s photos or videos.

In addition, your mobility test screenshots created by Bionic are only saved locally on your device for your convenience. 


Please remember that when deleting your WODProof app, these photos are deleted as well and cannot be recovered.

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