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Strength & Weightlifting

Program by Oren Shai

more about the Strength & Weightlifting program:

The Strength-lifting program was built by Oren Shai, an experienced weightlifter, and a weightlifting federation member.
Oren worked with Olympic games qualified athletes, and CrossFit athletes with a lack of weightlifting technique, who came to a 1 on 1 work with Oren to improve their weightlifting technique and control the barbell way better with confidence. Oren learned what are the weaknesses that are common among most of the CrossFiters and he created a winning formula to allow CrossFiters to add extra sessions 2-3 times a week, which includes strength, pull, and lifting work while the athlete keeps doing metcons and skills work in the majority of the week.

The idea of this 12-week ADD-ON program is to improve strength and build confidence with the barbell (especially in overhead position), so you could control the barbell way better when the heart rate is high during a WOD, online qualifier, or your next competition. We will offer 2 – 3 weekly sessions with recommendations when and how to do them depending on your main training program and metcons that you do. Can’t wait to see your results in a few weeks from now and wish you a strong & fun journey!

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