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Program by Anna Muhle

more about the ROWING EXPERT program:

A few words about Anna Muehle:

European and World champion in Indoor Rowing.

Best 2k 6:51.6    Best 500m 1:29.4

Coached by Robert Carson, EBC New York who also works with Kari Pierce

Active Crossfitter and Level 1 Coach

Studied Sports Science

Part of Concept2 Trainer Team as well as Member of the Darkhorse Rowing Academy

Hosting Seminars especially for Crossfitters, Online Programing, Remote Coaching

World Record Holder on the Concept2 SkiErg

Winner of many Indoor Rowing Competitions like Row’d Royalty or WODProof Rowing Challenge



Teaching Crossfitters to love rowing and every other endurance based machine in a CrossFit® workout.

It’s all about rhythm and technique. That’s easy to master. It will give you great benefits through all your workouts.

This is the reason why Stroke rate will be the key. Get your rhythm and master your breathing and you will be the best you can be in every workout.

Trust me, you don’t have to invest too much.  Anyone can be good at indoor rowing.


About the 12-week Rowing Expert ADD-ON Program:

Rowing is an essential part of CrossFit®, most of the time it will bring up the heart rate and make you suffer. 

But wouldn’t it be nice to see the rowing as your “active recovery” during your workout?

That’s easy to achieve if you spend a little time on good technique and to get to know your pacing. 

This 3 days a week, 12 week plan is tailor made for CrossFiters, as an ADD-ON to your current CrossFit® program, and not instead.

It suits the goal and doesn’t require sitting on the rower the whole day long. The maximum working time excluding rest times for these workouts is 30 Minutes.

You will need to test your 2k first as it is an indicator for the pacing of your workouts.  

From there just follow along and learn to adjust pace and stroke rate.

To be the most efficient on the rower we will concentrate on a consistent stroke rate during a piece. If you stay at a steady stroke rate you will create rhythm and you will be able to adjust your breathing. 

This will control your heart rate. We will also work on your technique, see the youtube links for more Information.

In the Videos you will also find an explanation of how to do the warm ups and how to set the monitor.

If you like to get even more out of it, feel free to contact me for a 1:1 Coaching or your personal training plan.


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