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Masters' Legacy

Program by Bill Grundler

more about the Masters' Legacy program:

So many athletes are looking for, and even grasping at, programs where they can STILL improve, compete, or just keep the act of aging at bay as they get older. With the growth of CrossFit and all it’s benefits, it seemed like that was the fountain of youth!  But training like a 20 year old won’t work for those 35 years and older!


Bill Grundler started his competitive CrossFit career at 40 years old.  He has been to the SoCal Regionals from 2009-2014.  He missed going to the Games by either 2-3 spots every time.  He did compete at the Masters Division CrossFit Games in 2015 and ended up 2nd place in the World.  Bill has won his CrossFit Open Masters Age Divisions (45-49, 50-54) for the last 8 years  and has placed in the top 3 of the AGOQ every year with a couple championships.  But he has also coached athletes to both the Open CrossFit Games and Masters CrossFit Games.  He has taken those that were outside the top 200 and got them into the top 50 in the AGOQ and those that have never made the Games to place in the top qualifying spots to make the show!  He has been on both the competitive athlete side as well as the 


coaching side.  He knows what it takes for you to SUCCEED!!  He IS your age.  He KNOWS how you feel and what you NEED!


This is why and where the MASTER’S LEGACY PROGRAM was developed!  

The program here on WODProof Academy is a sample of Bill’s full LEGACY PROGRAM.  Each day of the program will include a Strength piece, or a Technique portion, along with a Workout for that day.  The strength portion will be based on % 1RM of a lift and be linearly driven as you build not only strength but capacity in your strength lifts.  Squatting 2 times, Pressing twice, Deadlifting once and an Oly day as it moves through its 7 day cycle.  


The workout will be challenging and is used by those that are Games level athletes.  However the object is for YOU to get the best result from the workouts so there is a “formula” with each workout. You will see the RX version of the program and it’s aggressive.  But if the weight or movement doesn’t work, then you will see the scale of percent of the 1RM so you can pick the right weight.  And if that still doesn’t get the correct result, then there is an “unbroken fresh” range, meaning you should be able to do the chosen weight within this range.  This allows for everyone to get the RIGHT workout for them.  It allows you to keep and still improve your strengths, while still working on your weakness and getting the intended benefits and results of the workout.  


This template can be used by ANY aged athlete and ANY level!


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