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HIIT - Lean Muscle

Program by Omer Svilem

more about the HIIT - Lean Muscle program:

The HIIT – LEAN MUSCLE Program created and programmed by Omer Svilem, 32 years old coach with a huge experience as an athlete, coach, and CrossFit competitor. Omer coaches in the biggest affiliate in Tel Aviv, where the core of the affiliate is a group of people addicted to hard work and sweat for a long duration or many fast and explosive HIIT intervals (HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training).

Omer was a special force officer, and after his service, he trained under 18-year-old youth for their service. Omer used his huge experience with athletes from all levels, to program a 12-week cycle that anyone can do! From high intensity and challenging movements for the most experienced athletes, to an easier version that any beginner athlete can do, while getting the same great feeling at the end of the workout. During COVID-19, Omer programmed workouts for people with minimal equipment or with no equipment at all. This program can be done perfectly with one dumbbell and a jumping rope, or at home with a tailor-made bodyweight version. This program is exactly what you need to improve your fitness level and maximize your potential!

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