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Program by Oren Shai

more about the Heavier program:

The HEAVIER program was built by Oren Shai, an experienced weightlifter, and a weightlifting federation member. Oren worked with Olympic games qualified athletes, and CrossFit athletes with a lack of weightlifting technique, or strength who came to a 1 on 1 work with Oren to improve their weightlifting overall abilities and lift heavier. Oren is also the coach, creator of the WODProof Academy weightlifting program.

During the years Oren learned a lot by lifting heavy and performing in the biggest competitions by himself. He truly believes in the old fashioned way that worked for him 30 years ago, and still works incredibly for EVERY athlete that works with him, will get you the best results

If you want to become stronger and increase all your lifting numbers, you should laser-focused on your strength, by squatting and pressing more. Do it often and make sure it is structured with a simple and proven logic. Oren knows exactly how many reps and total weight you should squat and press every week, to become stronger and lift heavier – and this is the main goal of this program.

Oren learned what are the weaknesses that are common among most of the CrossFiters and he created a winning formula to allow CrossFiters to add extra sessions 3 times a week while you are still following your full training program.

The goal of this 12-week 3 days a week add-on program is to make sure you squat and press enough to be able to lift HEAVIER and increase all your numbers after 12 weeks. It means heavier squats, clean and jerks, and of course Snatches. You’ll gain all this with laser focus work on back/front squats and a lot of presses, and no clean and jerks or snatches work.


We will offer 3 weekly sessions with recommendations when and how to do them depending on your main training program and metcons that you do.

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