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Program by Thuri Helgadottir

more about the Gymnastics program:

A 12-week program by the WODProof team Athlete Thuri Helgadottir 2019 9th Fittest Woman On Earth. Thuri’s gymnastics background helps her to crush every tough event with gymnastics movement, as we all remember from her 2016 Regionals Nate event world record.

Thuri created this program as a 3-time a week ADD-ON to your current program. We’re excited for the opportunity to introduce you to Thuri’s first ever online program that focuses on what’s really necessary to build the strength, core and range of motion to perform smoothly in every gymnastics event. The program includes demo videos that were created by Thuri especially for you!

About the Gymnastics program:




Thuri Helgadottir: 

 “This 12 week gymnastic program consists of strength exercises and technique drills and skills to get better at the gymnastic exercises that we have in CrossFit. Strength is the foundation to be good at the exercises and being able to rep them out in a workout safely. We start with basic strength; pressing, pulling and core. The first two weeks consist of the basic foundation and then we will progress into more complex drills and strength will get more specific for the Handstand Push Ups, Kipping pull ups and butterflies, Muscle ups and Toes To Bar”


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