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Functional Fitness At Home

Program by Joana Tirlea

more about the Functional Fitness At Home program:

The 12- Week (Lean Muscle and Conditioning) program was created by Joana Tirlea, CrossFit® coach and athlete. 

The biggest motivation should always be the athlete him-/herself. While coaching and also on Instagram Joana sticks to the message that one should workout to become the best version of his-/herself. The athlete should aim for performance and health and be better than yesterday; due to a variety of movements, working out can never get boring, will be very effective, and will contribute to a healthy lifestyle.


This 12-week program focuses on lean muscle building and conditioning. Due to the current circumstances with COVID, every workout can easily be done at home with no equipment. The workouts contain a strength part that focuses on isolated strength and a conditioning or HIIT (high-intensity-interval) part to improve overall fitness, strength, balance, and aim for lean muscle building. Due to alternative movements and intervals, the athlete can adjust to his/her fitness level and can always give his/her personal best!


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