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Program by Prepared Programming

more about the ENGINE & ENDURANCE program:

Prepared Programming is an effective, varied and fun way of reaching your goals to compete in functional fitness! The program is designed and tested by Crossfit Games athlete Phil Hesketh.


“Our vision for the Prepared Program is to create a well rounded and complete training platform to help athletes of all levels develop, progress and then excel”


The ‘12 Week ENGINE’ program’s goal is to increase your fitness, endurance, and pain tolerance. The program includes 3 sessions per week for 12 weeks, each session lasting 30-60 minutes. 

The third session is a “Short and Sweet” session: A short and super effective engine session, that takes in consideration that this program is an add-on to your full program.


It is advised that these sessions are done with 1 or 2 days between them.

Seasons includeר all 3 concept 2 machines plus running. It is ideal to have all 3 machines however the program can be done with 2 machines (you will need to sub 1 machine for burpees)

Equipment used: (Ranked in order of how often we program them)

Row erg + ski erg + Bike erg (any other bike is also fine)

Running (outdoors or treadmill)

Skipping / jumping / light DB or KB. 



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