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1) Where I can find my video after recording?

You can find your video in your camera roll (IOS) or in your gallery in WODProof album (Android).


2) I can’t upload more than 15 min video on YouTube.
YouTube allows video uploads that are up to 15 minutes long. If you try to upload videos longer than 15 minutes, the upload will fail. This is a YouTube limitation and not WODProof limitation.

In order to upload longer videos, please follow this manual.



3) Why I can’t see the video in my post?

WODProof vision was to enable our users to share and inspire the community with their full-length videos. It could cost our users a lot of money to have an unlimited storage package in WODProof, so we found the best free solution for you. Upload your performance to YouTube and just add your video URL to your post.


4) How can I add my logo?
I saw that there is needed to insert a code in order to add my logo to WODProof.


5) How many full-length videos can I record and upload to my WODProof account?

You can post an unlimited amount of full-length workouts.

Keep inspiring us! We are waiting to see your performances.


6) I have some ideas for new features. How do I pass that along?


We appreciate your support during the last two years. We developed all the new features to give you, the community, everything you ever dreamt of and more. We’ll appreciate if you will contact us by emailing to contact@test.wodproofapp.com and tell us if you have any idea.


7) Who can see my profile?

It depends on your choice.

Unless you’re a private account, anyone could watch your profile and public posts.

Private accounts are visible only for their approved followers.


8) What if there are videos that I want to keep only for myself?

Just set the specific post to be private.

Don’t worry. You can make it public again whenever you like.


9) Can Android users save their video directly to the SD card?

Unfortunately, Android does not provide a direct access to your SD card for securities reasons. Therefore, we can help you to copy the video to your SD card right after the video been saved to your internal storage. We are still waiting for a better solution provided by android so you could save your videos directly to your SD card.


10) Can’t pair my WODProof Band

Please make sure you don’t connect your band to the mobile’s Bluetooth through the settings page. Connect the WODProof Band from the WODProof app ONLY.
If you did try to connect from your mobile (settings-> Bluetooth-> WODProof band), please go the Bluetooth settings again and press “forget device”.
Then connect your band this way.
If you have an Android device, please make sure that the location/GPS is on when you try to connect the WODProof Band.
If none of this help, please contact us by email or through our Facebook page.
For more WODProof Band videos please visit our YouTube playlist or read the user guide.


11) How to connect your WODProof App and Concept 2 PM5 monitor?

Watch this video to see how

12) What if I don’t see the Turn Wireless ON option? 

In the new C2 machines, there is a “Connect” option on the main page. If you don’t have a new machine, you probably have an old PM5 Firmware, update now

13) Cannot Update Firmware with the USB Cable and Concept2 Utility?

Please try this link.