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the wodproof coins

WODProof gamifies the user experience to encourage athletes to become healthier and more active by rewarding them for every fitness activity.

WODProof does it by providing its community members with digital WODProof Coins based on the fitness activity, and its duration.

The more active you are, the more rewards you get.

 WODProof Badges and extra Coins will be granted to the athletes who do more activities.

WODProof Coins may be used to purchase items from the best brands worldwide, for the best prices.


Nowadays, finding motivation to workout and stay active is more challenging than ever before.

We are proud to provide our community with significant discounts for the best brands worldwide.


These brands joined us since they see your health as a top priority, and they’re willing to provide you with the biggest discounts they have ever offered.


Exchange your WODProof Coins earned by effort, dedication and sweat, with discount codes through the WODProof mobile store. Our mission is that your WODProof Coins will be eligible to use everywhere. 


Your effort matters, and every workout counts.

Meet some of the WODProof Store Partners:

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes of course! Your personal data and privacy is important to us.

WODProof doesn’t share any personal data with the brands on the WODProof store.

You can read about the brands and get your coupon codes safely.

At any point, WODProof will not share any personal data about its users. 

Moreover, when you read about the brands and check for more info about them, we don’t store this data and don’t associate your behavior in the store with your personal data.

Every workout you do rewards you by coins!

If you video record your workout it worth 2X than using the timer without video recording!

You can earn up to 20 coins per day from workouts, but you can get more by taking post-workout selfie after recording a workout (+10 coins), and by getting new badges. 

Open your main feed and check the list of available badges.


You can earn unlimited amount of badges and every badges reward you by tens of coins as well!


Challenge yourself to workout and track your performances on a daily basis to win more coins and badges!


For example, if you win the “5 workouts recorded with WODProof this week” one time, and in the following week you will record 5 workouts again, then you will win a new badge and see x2 on the top of the existing badge.

Free users can collect up to 200 coins.

To collect unlimited amount of coins, you can upgrade to PRO account.



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